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Frequently asked questions

Can I pay with credit card?

We haven't implemented it yet, but it's on our roadmap. Please be patient!

Do you provide a control panel?

Not yet. It's one of our highest priorities right now. Sign up to our newsletter to get a notification when we provide one.

Can I upgrade my plan if needed?

Yes. We just need to take your VPS down while the upgrade lasts, for how long depends on the amount of data on your VPS disk.

I want to order a VPS with Redhat Enterprise Linux. But I'd like to supply the license myself. Is this possible?

You're welcome to supply your own license. Just send an email to right after you've ordered, where you state that you want to provide your own. Then we'll setup your VPS with that license.

I want to order a VPS from the Standard line with Redhat Enterprise Linux. Is this possible?

No. At the moment we only support RHEL on our VPS Professional line.

What can I use my VPS for?

You can host any service that you want, as long as it does not violate our terms of service. You can deploy a Ruby on Rails or PHP application, run a database server or set up a Samba file server accessible only through OpenVPN.

How many IP's do I get

Your VPS are configured with 1 dedicated IP address. We'll be able to provide more on the Professional line soon.

Can I supply my own Windows license?

Yes, that is possible. Just make a note when you sign up, and we'll contact you for further information on the license.